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Steel Pipe Swing Hangers (2 Hangers)

Steel Pipe Swing Hangers (2 Hangers)
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Pipe Diameter:

These swing hangers feature “oil lite” bronze bearings and axle bolts with lock tight nuts.  The stamped steel has more ability to bend so they will not snap when torqued too tightly.  The lower half of the swing hanger body has a figure eight pendulum with a sintered bronze bearing incorporated into it, to reduce wear.  The bronze is impregnated with oil so the bearings do not have to be oiled.  The pendulum is 1” wide and is a completely closed figure eight so that the connecting S-hook or shackle can not be dislodged from the hanger.  The two halves of the hanger are bolted together with a 12mm carriage bolt with a hex lock tight nut.  The pendulum is held to the hanger with a #12 axle bolt with a long shoulder so the bearing does not ride on the threads.  It also has a lock tight nut.  Holds up to 5000 lbs.

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