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Choosing the Right Outdoor Swing

Choosing the right outdoor swing can be challenging.  It is important to have enough space, ensure safe swinging, and pick the right materials to meet your needs.



It is important to consider the size of the space where you will hang your swing relative to the size of your outdoor swing itself.  There should be enough clearance on the sides to ensure safe swinging as well as in front and behind.  In general, leaving at least 6 inches on each side and 3 feet behind and in front of the swing is a good starting place.



Your outdoor swing setup is only as strong as itís weakest link.  Starting from the hanging location whether it is a tree, a wood beam, or an outdoor swing frame, it is important that it can withstand the weight of the outdoor swing and the people sitting on it.  The hanging hardware must be strong enough to hold as well.  It is also important to think about the strength of the chains that attach the swing to the hanging hardware.  When buying a swing from Outdoor Swing, you can buy with confidence knowing that each swing comes with hanging chains designed to support itís weight.   Also the hanging hardware at Outdoor Swing is specifically designed for safe swinging when hung from a proper location.  If you donít have a tree or porch to hang your swing from, our outdoor swing frames provide a safe alternative allowing you to put your swing where you want and move it whenever you want.  Place it on a patio, by a pool, in a garden or anywhere else you desire.




Outdoor Wrought Iron Swings

Outdoor wrought iron swings are durable and sturdy.  They can last for a very long time and withstand the elements easily.  When choosing between our wrought iron swings, it is important to consider the size, seat pattern, armrests, color, and design.  For example, our Tropico Iron Swing has large armrests giving you full arm support, which also makes the swing wider.  Our Mandalay Iron Swing has a checkered seat pattern that supports your body differently than a wired seat pattern used by many of the other iron swings.  Our outdoor wrought iron swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/metal-swings and are available at the best prices in the industry.


Outdoor Wooden Swings

Outdoor wooden swings can be made out of many different types of wood.  The most common varieties of wood used to make outdoor swings are discussed below.  Our outdoor wooden swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/wooden-swings.


Cypress Wood

The cypress wood used to make our outdoor swings actually grows out of the water in the southeastern United States, and so it is very water resistant.  It has a natural oil called cypressene which protects against insects and decay.  Cypress has a beautiful distinctive look and is very durable, making it a perfect wood for outdoor furniture.  Its strength makes it an excellent material for making outdoor swings.  Our cypress wood outdoor swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/cypress-swings. 


Western Red Cedar Wood

Western red cedar is a wonderful choice for your outdoor swing for many reasons.  It doesnít warp, meaning that the weather outside wonít cause it to bend or split.  It is lightweight and strong which is perfect for making outdoor swings.  Western red cedar also contains oils that resist mildew and decay making it great for rainy or humid climates.   Additionally, it does a good job of staying cool during the summer, it wonít ever become too hot to use like some other wood or metal outdoor swings might.  Our western red cedar outdoor swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/cedar-swings.


Yellow Balau Wood

Balau wood is a great choice for outdoor swings and other outdoor furniture.  It is often compared to teak wood due to itís strength, durability, and weather resistance.  The appearance of the yellow balau wood which is used to make our outdoor swings also has a distinctive yellow tone.  Balau wood is an excellent choice if you want the strength and durability of teak wood without the high price.  Our balau wood outdoor swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/balau-swings.


Acacia Wood

Acacia wood grows in warm locations around the world.  It is very beautiful, with a very distinctive look.  It is also strong, durable, and inexpensive, making it a great choice for your next outdoor swing.  Our acacia wood outdoor swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/acacia-swings.


Teak Wood

Teak wood has enjoyed popularity as a premier wood for making outdoor furniture for a long time.  This is mostly due to its fantastic durability, its weather-resistant qualities, and itís beautiful appearance.  It is an exotic tropical hardwood from southeast Asia.  The oils in teak wood make it resistant to termites and other pests.  The high demand for teak wood has led to high prices for teak furniture, and because of this, many people are buying balau wood furniture instead.  This is due to the fact that it is much cheaper with many of the same positive qualities.  Our teak wood outdoor swings can be found at http://www.outdoor-swing.com/teak-swings.